After over 13 years dormant, the Bay Area’s Illucinus have returned. Formed in Redwood City, CA by Petr Oplatka (vocals/guitar) and Cameron Stucky (guitar) in 2007, the crushing death metal outfit started playing out with the likes of Brain Drill and other local heavyweights before shifting focus to write & tour with other projects (Sea in the Sky, Ominous Ruin, Crepuscle, Letters from the Fire, Light This City, Darkness Everywhere, and more). While Oplatka and Stucky continued to create music, sharpen their chops and tour with other groups, the two always talked about reviving Illucinus with new energy and learned insights. Fast forward to 2023 -- the group is reunited and raging on stage again. Accompanied in the revival are the band’s original bassist Dan Saltzman and blast-beating new recruit KC Brand (The Odious Construct, The Ritual Aura). The group released a punishing re-recorded version of their 2008 EP "The Machine" on July 8th, 2022 in partnership with Sevared Records.

Illucinus is Brutal Technical Death Metal

FFO: Gorgasm, Severed Savior, Decrepit Birth, Animosity, Skinless, Aeon, Paraphilia, etc.

Illucinus' next live appearance will be in Cupertino, CA, on Nov 10, 2023 with Inferi, First Fragment, Summoning the Lich, and more. Pick up a ticket at